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Property refurbishment.

In a residential lettings market which is more competitive than ever, the days of the grotty student flat are long gone. 

Times have changed. Expectations are high and competition is fierce. If your property is in a state of disrepair, or even just a little rough around the edges, it is going to be a tough sell to a prospective tenant even at a low price point - the chances of the dreaded void are high.

Low standard living just doesn't fly any more, certainly not in the areas which we cover. The market has evolved and neither students nor professionals will settle for property which is not finished to a good standard, no matter the price. If your property does not meet that standard, they will look elsewhere. 


Our expertise

At In lettings we know the aspects of rented accommodation which turn a prospective tenant into a contracted one. 

From minor cosmetic alterations to major structural changes such as extensions or loft conversions, we have the experience, the contacts and the know how to manage and carry out high quality refurbishments which will convert to higher rental income and zero void periods. 


Increased return on your investment

Our expertise allows us to prioritise the parts that matter, both in terms of creating that 'wow' factor for a prospective tentant, and in terms of meeting current fire, gas and electrical safety regulations. Prioritising in this way more often than not means that it does not need to cost the earth to bring a property up to a modern standard. Our careful planning and budget allocation to the parts that matter ensure that our refurbishment will pay for itself in a very short timeframe.

Not only will our refurbishment command a higher rent and therefor a better return on investment for you, but it will also add value to your property too, should you ever want to sell your property. 


The process

Get in touch to discuss your next refurbishment project with us. Our rates are unbeatable and our level of service is unparalled. 



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